The world of personal finance, investing, and really anything related to money is confusing. ETFs? Expense ratios? What is all of this?! It’s no wonder people find it intimidating, a problem that’s made worse by the fact that money is viewed as a taboo subject.

But when you learn and apply some surprisingly simple concepts, you open a world of possibilities. Remove money as a stressor from your life. Retire decades earlier than what’s considered normal. Live your life the way you want.

These aren’t exaggerations. These are the possibilities of Financial Independence, a point at which your investments can fully fund the life you want to live.

Throughout this blog, we’ll be addressing all sorts of topics about personal finance and investment philosophies, geared toward those with absolutely no experience. We’ll walk through all aspects of the entire process - from reducing expenses by breaking free of the typical consumerist lifestyle, to investing your money so that it works toward making you more money, to preparing for your financial freedom. We’ll outline the thought processes behind our choices and use real numbers and simple math to allow you to make more informed decisions - decisions that benefit you the most. And we’ll do it all in a way that’s relatable and understandable.

It’s important to note that while the approaches to building and preserving wealth discussed in this blog, particularly involving investing through the stock market, have proven to be successful over time, there are many paths to FI. As such, the information provided can serve as anything from an inspiration to learn more to a step by step guide. The main goal is to simply provide a new perspective and to encourage you to make more informed choices with your money, not by sacrificing quality of life, but by optimizing your life wherever possible.

Welcome to your Explain Like I’m Five source for Financial Independence!